VEA Fire Safety provides fire alarms directly to your mobile. When a fire alarm is triggered, your mobile phone notifies you with vibration, light and sound.

The solution is particularly useful in environments where it is not so easy to perceive audible alarms from existing alarm systems and for the hearing impaired.

How to connect to a location

In order to receive fire alarms from a location, VEA-FireSafety must be installed at the location.

You must also make a connection from your mobile to the fire system. It is simple process.

Tap «Add New Location», then select «Find on Map» or «Scan QR Code». The QR code must be easily accessible at the location.

When you have added the desired location, you will be asked if you want to receive alarms or important messages, answer «OK».

The location will be displayed on the «Active» page in the APP.

How to disconnect from a location

To disconnect from the fire system, press the «-» sign on the active page. The location will then be moved automatically to the Inactive page and you will not receive fire alarms.

You can easily activate location again by clicking «+» on the Inactive page.